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  • Novastep

    Novastep is a global medical device company focused
    on designing and developing innovative products in foot
    and ankle.  All screws are self drilling and tapping, all torx
    heads and minimal profile plates.  Even the staple system is
    cutting edge.


    The next generation in Percutaneous Foot Surgery is here.
    Torx heads, stronger screws, long sizes and self drilling and
    tapping. Australian designed and driven innovation powered by


    Cerapedics produces I-Factor, a peptide enhanced bone graft.
    Available as a putty or silk based sheets, I-Factor is an absorbable,
    HA based graft, coated with P15 attachment factor. This binds 
    osteogenic cells, increasing the rate of local bone formation.


    Parcus Medical offers stronger, closer to bone
    Carbon Reinforced PEEK products, both suture
    anchors and high lubricity interference screws. 
    With a pipeline of innovative sportsmed products
    Parcus intends to be a leader in this field.