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Illumination kit for BMW E39 inner door handles

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Illuminate your BMW E39’s inner door handles with our LED Conversion Kit! Designed for easy installation, this kit adds a touch of modern elegance to your vehicle. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark – now you can find your door handles effortlessly, even at night.

Kit Contents:

  • 4 lenses
  • 4 LED lights with 40cm of cable each
  • 6 template stickers (for precise placement on the back of the handles)
  • 2 spare lenses (to ensure a perfect fit without damaging existing lenses)

Upgrade your BMW experience with our high-quality LED kit. Get yours today! 

Tools Required:

  • 2mm drill bit
  • 5mm drill bit
  • Flat file (fine tooth)
  • 5mm Round file
  • Hot melt glue gun
  • Stanley 1-GS20DT 85c hot melt glue sticks (or equivalent. 65c is ok in cooler climates)
  • Loctite super glue - Power Gel
  • Sand paper 120
  • Exacto knife


Installation video:

  1. Use masking tape to protect the front size of the handles (use several layers)
  2. Stick the template on the back of the handle, aligning the line with thin plastic rib of the handle. (Push sticker up to back face of the handle)
  3. Using an exacto knife score the outline of the hole to cut into the plastic
  4. Drill 2mm holes using the template as a guide
  5. Enlarge the holes with 5mm drill bit
  6. File the plastic back to the score line you made earlier checking as you go with the fitment lenses. Note: there is a left and a right lens. L and R is marked on each lens. Be sure to fit the correct ones.
  7. Place 2 small dobs of glue on each tab and press into place
  8. Insert the LED light into the lens
  9. Hot melt glue the wires just below the shrink sleeve to the plastic (see images above)

Note: you can glue the LED lenses in with super glue but it is permanent. The only way to replace the LED would be to break the lens out and put a new lens in.

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